About Took By Snook

Welcome to my photoshelter page. My name is James (Jim) Snook and I am a local photojournalist in Spokane, Washington. I received my degree (BA) in journalism with an option in photojournalism from the University of Montana in the Spring of 2008. My work has appeared in the SI Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Spokesman Review, Spokane Metro Magazine, USA Today, Washington Post and other magazines/newspapers as well as ESPN.com and SI.com. My greatest passion is for sports photography. I love the rush of trying to catch that moment in time where one team has the thrill of victory and the other to deals with the agony of defeat. I would say by far my favorite sport to photography is baseball. I have served as the team photographer for the Spokane Indians, a single A baseball team affiliated with the Texas Rangers. Although I say baseball is my passion, truly any sport I have the chance to photograph is a thrill. If you need a sports photographer/photojournalist please contact me and we can make arraignments. I am willing to go anywhere for an assignment with proper compensation! Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.